A little about me

Thank you for taking to time to read this post (it shouldn’t take long and you of course can skim it!). I wanted to start my blog by saying that I know how many influential people are out there in cyberspace, on social media or present in your life and you’re probably wondering what in the world I could offer so I thought I would tell you a bit about myself.

Having reached the midway point in my life, I, like so many like me, am still constantly learning how to tackle areas of my life but with more clarity- body image, age-related issues with my appearance, being a mom of four, diet and exercise, familial relationships, and the list goes on. This blog is about aging and what comes along with it. It may at times seem all over the place but that’s the way my mind works!

I am constantly working on myself either through therapy or actively seeking to solve something that’s bothering me so I’m hoping that if you follow this blog, that you’ll come across something I’ve written that will enlighten you, help you, make you feel less alone, encourage a “that totally makes sense!” moment and when this happens, I really want you to comment or contradict or just make a mental note. Whatever strikes you in that moment, just know that I’m thick-skinned and can take it!



P.S. I’m standing proud in this photo because I am proud! I had done a 60 minute Peloton class about an hour prior- my first one after doing mostly 30 minute classes- and came in 468/801 in a live class. If you’ve noticed that the area under my chin looks red and swollen, it’s due to having had a Plexr Plasma treatment the day before (I will post about this treatment once I’ve healed!). No makeup. No filter. Just me in good lighting with my husband behind the lens who surprisingly took a decent photo of me!

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